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Our IBM Shared Host solutions starts with 200MB storage, 4GB Monthly Data Transfer, Unlimited POP and auto-responder.

Just $ 59.95 per month.

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Why to choose an Intel Anonymous Server when today you can get an IBM Branded x-Series Netfinity.

Our IBM Server solutions starts just for $ 595 per month.

Available O/s Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT, FreeBSD.

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For corporate and large customers who need large security, scalability, redundancy, and intensive web traffic, choose our IBM x-Series cluster solutions.

Available bandwidth data transfer from 300GB to 900GB per month with extremely faster OC-192 connectivity.

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Our Linux Servers are much more powerful than the standards thanks to our easier control panel, fast OC-48 and OC-192 connectivity.

Starts at $ 285 per month

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Are your looking for a server to host no matter one or 300 web sites at cheapest cost, then you can choose our Sun Cobalt Dedicated Servers.

Available three powerful configuration starting as little for $ 495 per month.

Included in the price MIVA Commerce Server value $ 1,260.

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IBM x-300


IBM x-330


IBM x-342


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For Web Operators DeaneT enables you to create unique customized solution to match your customers needs.  At a glance you can select your server configuration choosing RAM, CPU, storage, bandwidth data transfer and IP's numbers.

We will build your server get you started within 48 hours.

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