DeaneT is one of the major data center in USA classified Tier 1. We supply enhanced internet solutions for private, corporate and government customers worldwide powered by IBM.

DeaneT develops specific IBM Solutions for internet projects to small, medium and large customers.

Internet Connectivity

DeaneT sits on top online with OC-48 and OC-192 Sonet rings.  This sonet provides our data center with Tier 1 fiber optic cable connectivity supported by numerous network carriers as AT&T, South Bell, UUNET, Global Crossing and others.  DeaneT carrier partners owns 13,000 mile fiber optic network which provides an enormous 460 GIGA-bytes per second (Gbps) of capacity.

Network Security

Network security is a principal part of the services we supply.  We protect our network to guarantee high integrity and confidentiality of the data and servers.

Our network data center has been created with different network backbone access to guarantee maximum redundancy  to guarantee our customers fastest, most reliable internet connectivity, unmatched by any other competitor in the world market.

Our network is equipped with enhanced state-of the art Cisco Systems including redundant Cisco 7513 Border Router with capacity to route up 4.2 Gigabits of total traffic, Cisco 2498G Master Switch, Cisco 2924 XL Submaste and Cisco 1924 . Both routers are configured with Cisco's hot stand-by router protocol (HSRP) which automatically re-route traffic around network failures.

Network Providers



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